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11/19/2014: Women in 12-hour hijack ordeal

AMOTHER and daughter who survived a terrifying ordeal at the hands of six hijackers have spoken of their nightmare, which included being bundled into the boot of their car then tossed out, bound with plastic packets, down an embankment. Huddling for...

11/19/2014: Going nuts for peanuts at festival

An Indian vendor tosses peanuts at a Kadlekai Parishe groundnut fair (peanut festival), as excited farmers celebrate the first groundnut crop of the year, in Bangalore, India on Monday. India’s festival of peanuts is celebrated by a large number of...

11/19/2014: Wife challenges dead husband’s mistress

A RETIRED principal who was excluded from her estranged late husband’s will is taking on the executors of his estate and his alleged mistress, who was named as a beneficiary. In what is believed to be a landmark case, Lutchmi Gounden, 72, is asking...

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