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7/30/2014: ‘Beware priest pests’

ACHATSWORTH temple priest is being investigated after CCTV footage emerged of him performing questionable rituals. The footage, which is in POST’s possession, shows the priest holding a young woman’s hand and rubbing an unknown substance on her fingers...


I NO LONGER have respect for the police after they took advantage of their authority and without reason assaulted me. So said 18-year-old Kresan Moodley, who claimed eThekwini Metro Police officers yanked him by the neck and repeatedly slapped him...

7/30/2014: Joash didn’t want to miss a thing . . . but he did!

IDOLS Season 10 is well under way and the reality series’ popularity has not waned. This is partly because of the astounding singing talent that is being unearthed, partly for the wry comments made by the judges, especially Randall Abrahams, but more...

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