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RSS feed: Richard Chesher, Новая Каледония, панорамные фотографии «360Cities»
Sat, 27 Apr 2019 06:49:46 GMT
Photography by Richard Chesher on 360Cities
Richard and Frederique Chesher are one of the Pacific's foremost tourism photography teams with thousands ofВ  published images of the hotels, resorts, activities, tours, and points of interest of New Caledonia and Vanuatu.The Cheshers create and publishВ  the Rocket Travel Guide to VanuatuВ  (more than 100,000 copies distributed), and the Rocket Travel Guide to New Caledonia (More than 50,000 copies distributed).These guides, published by Rocket Guides (based on satellite and aerial imagery) include VR Sphere Images of New Caledonia Hotels, places and activitiesВ  plus over 1000 images of New Caledonia cultural and scenic highlights, New Caledonia Hotels and Resorts, and New Caledonia tours and diving activities. The Vanuatu travel guide has sphere images of Vanuatu plus over a thousand images of Vanuatu cultural and scenic highlights, Vanuatu accommodation, hotel and resort photos, and Vanuatu tours and diving.The Cheshers also create and publish the world's most advanced cruising guides in the world, the nautical cruising guide to new caledonia that include the world's first underwater sphere images of the New Caledonia Lagoon and the Bokissa Private Island Resort.The nautical cruising guide to vanuatu provides images and information on all the Vanuatu islands. The Cheshers first began creating photo-CD guides in 1985 with the Log of the Moira series and the Thread of Awareness CD.Dr. Chesher is a marine biologist and consultant on environmental issues. He has been an active professional photographer for more than 50 years and has been published in National Geographic Magazine, Sports Illustrated, the Encyclopedia Britannica and hundreds of books and magazines. His resort and tourism photographs have appeared in travel wholsaler catalogues and websites, travel brochures, posters, billboards, and websites. These sphere images are on the leading edge of photography and the underwater sphere images are some of the first ever published. The Cheshers are resident in Noumea, New CaledoniaBP 2568 Noumea CEDEX 98846 New CaledoniaSkype Richard.Chesher В Google+ Richard ChesherClick this link to contact us if you want the very best resort and tourism photography for your business. [ + ]
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 21:17:25 GMT
New Caledonia: SpookyLake New Caledonia Wilderness
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Spooky Lake is in a wilderness area in the Southeastern tip of Grande Terre, New Caledonia. It is an easy walk from the Baie du Carenage and we often trek there for exercise (it's uphill from the anchorage). Sometimes Spooky Lake is bone dry and the lake bed is covered with really strange, alien looking grass. Sometimes, like in this photo, the lake is brim full, calm and resonating to a chorus of chanting frogs. Miniature orchids, with blooms no more than 2-mm wide adorn the forest trees. It looks like it is a crater formed long ago by a meteor strike, surrounded by a ring of jagged rocks, rust red from the iron content. A Mountain Bike trail and passable road goes right by the lake but not many people know it is there. When the sky is black with rain clouds, the forest and grasses in the lake are fluorescent green. Spooky. [ + ]
Sun, 03 Feb 2019 05:10:34 GMT
New Caledonia: Kaori River Cascades Aerial
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

After a week of heavy rain the Kaori River Cascades on the Southern tip of Grande Terre Island in New Caledonia were really pumping. They looked spectactular; a great time to use my little Mavic Air for an aerial shot. Freddy, Flash (our cat) and I walked up to the edge of the cascades and I set up the drone for the image. Just as I began the flight Flash climbed a little tree, fell out, and took off. Freddy went after her. The idea was to have them in the shot to show how huge the cascades are but as I took the sphere image both of them were back in the forest next to the dinghy landing. Sorry about that. You'll just have to come visit yourself to see how spectacular these cascades are. [ + ]
Thu, 31 Jan 2019 05:44:52 GMT
New Caledonia: Carenage River Estuary New Caledonia
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

The Carenage River estuaryВ is shallow; accessible by dinghy only after mid-tide. We call the small Pandanus islet Jourasic Park; it's easy to imagine a brontosaurus head rising up from the primitive looking vegetation. There are mini-hot water springs forming small white spires in the shallows and a fresh water spring.В  [ + ]
Thu, 31 Jan 2019 05:28:34 GMT
New Caledonia: Carenage Anchorage Baie du Prony New Caledonia
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

The Baie du Carenage, on the SE tip of Grand Terre Island of New Caledonia has three rivers that enter it and nobody lives on the watersheds of these rivers; a true wilderness area surrounds the deep, protected anchorage. In the 1800's this was the site of a prison colony. The prisoners were forced to dig for minerals and cut down trees for wood to build Noumea, some 36 nautical miles to the northwest. You can find the stone foundations of buildings and hidden graves in the forests. The reason there are no villages or farms or people here is because the land is so rich in heavy metals food plants don't survive and drinking the fresh water for a long time results in heavy metal poisoning.В  [ + ]
Fri, 04 Aug 2017 03:54:20 GMT
New Caledonia: Mountain Bike Trail Southern Grand Terre New Caledonia
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

The intersection of GR1-NC walking trail and VTT7 mountain bike trail in the wilderness of southern Grand Terre New Caledonia. Scan all around and you'll see nothing but wilderness and the trails in every direction. We come up from the bay you can see in the distance, following the Mountain Bike trail through the forest then follow the GR1-NC - stopping at the Cascades for a cooling swim before walking back to the bay. We rarely ever see another person on the entire trek. [ + ]
Thu, 03 Aug 2017 06:44:17 GMT
New Caledonia: Feral Chesher Cat New Caledonia
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Feral Cats typically don't trust humans - dogs, cars, bikes or anything else moving through their wilderness world. You'd be lucky to ever see one while treking, even if it was calmly watching you from right next to the trail. They vanish at will - probably inspiring the famous Lewis Carol Cheshire cat in the Alice's Aventures in Wonderland story. But here on the southern tip of New Caledonia's Island of Grand Terre cat food is in short supply. Lizards and Bugs make up their diet unless, of course, they find a couple of humans to domesticate. Then - ooooo la la - it's belly feeding time with carefully selected French Cat Foods (canned and cruchies). After taming us, the Feral Cat Liane takes us for daily excercise walks. Sometimes she acts as if it a chore - ears back, trudging along after her big pets. Other times she attacks, like Kato of the Green Hornet, appearing out of the bush with arched back and fur-burst tail then dashing off and vanishing with a big silly grin on her face. Playing. I wanted to take a photo of her racing up a tree or lurking on a tree branch - Chesher Cat Style - and one morning I scrambled down a path were there was a likely tree. Liane thought this was interesting and followed me down. But how to get her into a tree (she does not like being picked up)? I tried calling, teasing, tree tapping, and she just sat there in a very unphotogenic pose waiting patiently for me to get on with the trek. Freddy joined me and tried to coak Liane over to the tree I had selected. Liane ignored us (crazy humans). Then, finally bored with it all, Liane moved into the shade and... stretched out on an old tree branch in a perfect Chesher Cat Pose. Astonishing what cats can make us do, isn't it? Here's Liane taking Freddy on her morning exercise walk. В  [ + ]
Fri, 16 Dec 2016 21:21:04 GMT
New Caledonia: Feral cats in New Caledonia's Wilderness
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This is Kianu just after breakfast and over there is Liane, the kitten's mom. Two New Caledonian Feral Cats. The southern end of New Caledonia's island of Grande Terre is a vast wilderness area. The terrestrial wildlife includes lizards, a few frogs, birds, and bugs. There are imported deer and wild pigs but we rarely see them. About a year ago we were getting water from a spring and saw a kitten face peering at us through the grass. We then saw the mother cat overseeing her kitten's first human encounter. Feral Cats get little training in the process of domesticating humans. But, like all Felis catus, they really don't need to try very hard; they just have to be willing to allow humans to see them and - if the humans act civilized - allow them to approach. Of course, if the humans offer proper tribute (food) they might even be allowed to do a little petting. When we returned to the wilderness area a couple of months later the kitten showed up again - but the mother had (we believe) been killed by a dog. The kitten was surviving on lizzards and bugs. She was thin, but her fur was amazingly clean and she appeared healthy - and hungry. We began regularly feeding the kitten and now she's all grown up. A few months ago she showed up one day with her own kitten. We call her Liane and the kitten Kianu. They come when we call their names. Liane is a strange little cat; small because (we think) she didn't have much to eat when she was a kitten. She's filled out now and thanks us with kisses and cuddles BEFORE she gobbles her daily tribute.В  Liane goes for walks with us - following or running ahead on our daily treks, often for several kilometers; even when it's hot in the summer and she's roasting her little paws on hot rocks and panting from the heat. Never saw a cat that liked to trek before. It's a very odd feeling seeing her appear out of the bush, run towards us - and then walk along, making little cat comments from time to time. She has successfully domesticated us. [ + ]
Fri, 16 Dec 2016 08:12:02 GMT
New Caledonia: Port Boise Grande Terre
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Port Boise is a small, protected harbour next to the Havannah Pass on the southeastern tip of Grande Terre. It is perfect for yachts waiting for the best wind and tide before exiting the pass. There is a small resort on the eastern edge of the bay and a wharf for the pilot vessels. Otherwise the area is surrounded by forests. There are extensive walking trails, a tiny beach, and of course some perilous diving in powerful tidal currents on the outside edge of the reef. [ + ]
Fri, 16 Dec 2016 06:53:20 GMT
New Caledonia: Blacktip Reef Shark New Caledonia
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Blacktip Reef Sharks (Carcharhinus melanopterus) don't bite people very often but when a couple of them come this close it does make you wonder if they are particularly hungry or if maybe you are in forbidden territory.They are bigger than a big, dangerous dog and can be very territorial - especially when they are pregnant. Fortunately, humans are also big, dangerous creatures in a coral reef environment and are known to spear just about anything that swims by. The sharks in the New Caledonia World Heritage site - even in remote areas like Ilot N'da - have had close encounters with many humans and all it takes to get them to swim away at top speed is to mentally conjour up a vision of shark fin soup and then swim slowly in their direction, like you are trying to creep up on them.This makes it really difficult to take close photos of them since that's what we photographers generally do. Point your camera at a shark and slowly approach it and zowie - it' gone. To get this image I just held my breath and didn't move at all. Well, not until after I took the photo; then I could not help but imagine a nice big bowl of shark fin soup and they were gone in an instant. In case you are wondering, I don't really eat sharkfin soup. [ + ]

New Caledonia: Ilot Mato Coral Reef Pass
360В° panorama by Richard Chesher.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

Coral Reef passes are lined with a vibrant assembly of living corals, crinoids, sponges, and other creatures feeding on the continual flow of plankton laden sea water served up by tidal currents. There are also lots of fish, turtles and sharks in these passes. Ilot Mato is part of the Great Southern Lagoon World Heritage Site. The lagoon island itself in inhabited by a wealth of sea birds and from time to time (especially on weekends and holidays) the coral-protected island lagoon is inhabited with pleasure yachts from Noumea and distant countries. [ + ]
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