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RSS feed: Frank Taylor, Багамские Острова, панорамные фотографии «360Cities»
Sat, 24 Nov 2018 19:26:47 GMT
Photography by Frank Taylor on 360Cities
Finished sailing around the world in between November 2009 and June 2015 as captain of Tahina Expedition. This is how we managed to get panoramas from so many unique locations and countries. I am also the founder and publisher of Google Earth Blog and am particularly glad that these photos appear in Google Earth. [ + ]
Sat, 21 Feb 2015 09:03:54 GMT
Fiji: Beach on Lavena Coastal Walk
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This was one of the beaches seen during the Lavena Coastal Walk on the way to the waterfalls from Lavena point on Taveuni Island, Fiji. [ + ]
Thu, 18 Dec 2014 03:38:35 GMT
Africa: Kolmannskuppe Diamond Mine Ghost Town
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This is the site of Kolmanskuppe - a diamond mine ghost town near Luderitz, Namibia. The photo was taken on the hill above the town near the rusty water tank, beyond the tank is a salt water swimming pool. The view of the surrounding desert is stupendous from here. The town was built for the personnel and their families during the height of mining in this location. The mining company provided all the conveniences including an entertainment hall with a theater, gymnastic equipment, even a bowling alley! They had an ice house, a swimming pool (salt water pumped from the ocean 15 km away), a hospital (with one of the first xray machines), etc. The town was deserted when a better location for diamonds was found, and it wasn't until decades later the town of Luderitz realized a ghost town makes a good tourist destination. [ + ]
Thu, 18 Dec 2014 03:19:46 GMT
Greater Cape Town: High on Ridge of Lions Head
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This is near the top of Lions Head on the narrow ridge leading to the top. It offers stupendous views looking down to the base of the mountain with Table Mountain just to the south east, and the rugged coastline along the Atlantic Ocean west of Cape Town. You only have a bit more of steep hiking to get to the top from here. [ + ]
Thu, 18 Dec 2014 03:12:34 GMT
Greater Cape Town: Lions Head Top on West Edge
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This panorama was taken at the top of Lions Head on the northwest edge of the peak standing on a rock. You can look straight down the cliff towards Sea Point and the coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. You can see Robben Island to the north and Cape Town is to the east.В  You can also see the smaller mountain of Signal Hill far below. Signal Hill also offers similar views of the area, but from a much lower altitude. Really beautiful views from up here! [ + ]
Thu, 18 Dec 2014 03:07:02 GMT
Greater Cape Town: Top of Lions Head
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

We climbed to the top of Lions Head, a popular hike with stupendous views of Cape Town, Table Mountain, and the coastline west of Cape Town. It is a small peak almost as high as Table Mountain and with even more dramatic views of the area. This panorama was taken from the top of a small one-person cylindrical rock that is the highest point at the top. [ + ]
Tue, 09 Dec 2014 19:49:18 GMT
Greater Cape Town: Chapmans Drive Overlook of Hout Bay
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This is one of the main overlooks off Chapman's Drive which presents a great view of Hout Bay, The Sentinels, and the rugged and beautiful coastline. This photo was taken from a higher point you can walk to at the overlook, standing on the wall. [ + ]
Tue, 09 Dec 2014 19:49:09 GMT
South Africa: The Heads at Knysna Nav Marker
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This 360 shows a view of The Heads at Knysna, South Africa from a position close to the main navigation marker for the pass through the entrance between the heads. We had gone through the entrance in our yacht Tahina just the day before and came down for a more leisurely look. [ + ]
Sat, 11 Oct 2014 06:36:53 GMT
South Africa: The Heads at Knysna
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

This view shows The Heads at Knysna, South Africa. These majestic cliffs have been eroded by the river rushing out to the Indian Ocean here near the southernmost point of Africa. The Heads provide a navigable entrance to a safe harbor up the river for boats. However, the conditions are not always ideal for entering here, and care must be taken to enter at the right times and with the right conditions. There is a web cam at a nearby cafe that provides a way for boats to check on the conditions before entering. Tahina entered on the 7th of December in 2014 without any issues and had a delightful time visiting the charming community of Knysna and the Knysna Yacht Club. [ + ]
Fri, 05 Sep 2014 09:52:36 GMT
Madagascar: Nosy Iranja Beach
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

We anchored off this beautiful set of islands with a white sand beach between them. Our boat Tahina is the catamaran anchored off. This is definitely one of those top beaches of the world candidates. The bigger part of the island to the north has a little backpacker's sort of primitive resort, and there are locals who bring out souvenirs to sell on the beach. There is also a little cafe/bar like area.В  The other side of the beach has shallower water and a large rock islet that almost looks like a sunken ship from a distance.В  Very beautiful setting with turquoise waters everywhere, especially at low tide. [ + ]

Madagascar: Beach Overlook Nosy Hara, Madagascar
360В° panorama by Frank Taylor.
Click the image to open the interactive version.

On our ascent of the cliffs, we found this spot had the best overlook of the beach and anchorage, and is the location where the rangers stay and greet visitors. They have made several improvements to the land for visitors including concrete steps up the valley that leads to the caves. They also have built picnic table areas, a toilette, and even a BBQ. It's worth the US$4 per person fee to visit this very unique place. The geography of the island is really unique. Especially up on the cliffs. The limestone rock has eroded due to wind and rain and the rocks are razor-sharp. Even a slight touch can result in a cut, and you do NOT want to fall on these rocks! The rocks are more treacherous the higher you climb. [ + ]
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